How I Became Instagram Famous

Becoming popular on any social media site, not just Instagram is a very lengthy process. While putting out good and engaging content is certainly the first and most important step, it is only the first one. Followers and word of mouth engagement is the next beneficial step for anyone looking to be a social media star.

While you can buy more followers and likes, some of us don’t have the money to do that, and I certainly didn’t! So I had to use other means to figure out how to increase followers on Instagram, such as linking my account to my other social media accounts. This helped me because I was constantly putting out content, and connecting with my friends and other social media made me able to post to other sites simultaneously. That way I could post faster and my followers could see it regardless of where they followed me.

I also followed the people who were kind enough to follow me, taking the time to do a comment exchange and exposing my channel to all of their followers. I also commented on popular posts that were interesting to me, as well as topics that related to my brand and my interests.

My comments were also meaningful and didn’t just say “Follow me” or something like that, they instead were appropriate for the discussion or topic at hand, and when people clicked on my account they saw that same level of maturity in my own posts and comments. By actually contributing to a discussion, I stood out from the other one word responses or just simple requests to be followed and standing out means popularity.

Another thing I did was having a constant theme for my Instagram that I stuck with and continue to stick with, and I knew what my followers had come to my channel for. I wasn’t going to change it just because it went out of style, and my followers were grateful that I wasn’t just chasing fads or posting for fame. I had a specific set of values and I stuck to them.

Then I posted pretty regularly, about three times a week with some bonus posts sprinkled in when I found something interesting my fans needed to see. I made this schedule clear in my bio and also informed my followers when I was taking a week off or would be away from the computer so they would know beforehand if I didn’t post. This allowed me to confirm my posting to my schedule, and also have a way to tell my community if I wasn’t feeling like posting on a scheduled day beforehand.

While I didn’t become famous overnight, I did stick to my values and themes, commented and followed others, and posted regularly enough to ensure I had several good foundations that helped me build on and support a wide and happy audience, letting me gain followers and also keep them with me for the long term.