How I Used Instagram to Grow My YouTube Channels

I have a music YouTube channel where I post covers of songs and a gaming channel where I do Let’s Plays and reviews. When I first started my channels I didn’t think that Instagram would be the website where I would become pretty popular and more than quadruple my subscriber count in just a few short months.

I started using hashtags to promote certain themes of my channels, for my music it was classic acoustic guitar covers and harmonica songs, and for my YouTube channel, it was a blend of slow-paced style and clean commentary. By choosing hashtags that not only mattered to me but also to people who would be searching up my channel, I was able to have people click on those hashtags and see my videos among the list of content for that tag.

Creating custom hashtags and using trending ones on my videos also helped with promotion, as I was able to convert my custom brand towards others with a few simple hashtags. Of course, none of this would do anything for me if I didn’t share the content that was being hashtagged on my Instagram account.

By uploading my channel trailers to the accounts and then putting in a caption that directed to my homepage, I could funnel viewers who were interested right in the door and get them swimming in good content on my channels, while also clearly displaying what I was about.


I didn’t have even the few dollars needed to buy followers for my Instagram account, although I have heard that some do, I needed a different way to bring a large number of viewers into my account and keep them there long enough for them to become subscribers. I began to release Instagram only content not long after my first hundred or so subscribers came in, giving a behind the scenes look at how I made my videos and more importantly, why I made them.

I also kept up a steady presence in the comments section of both my Instagram and my YouTube channels, interacting with fans, taking and using advice, and giving out presents and exclusive videos to the kindest supporters. The interactivity really makes me feel good about what I am doing and lets me know that people love my work and want more, and the knowledge that I am interactive helps bring more fans who value that to the channel.

If you want to know how to grow Instagram followers quickly, this isn’t an overnight process, it takes time and of course good content to stay popular online. I will always put making good videos ahead of any popularity, and that mantra helps me stay afloat in the shifting waves of popularity that plague other channels that rise and fall based on the number of subscribers they have.

By taking the time to make good content, then promoting it using Instagram, my success across both my channels can be duplicated by anyone.